..... poetry.....



     "At The Post Office"
     "Dear Ludwig"
     "Trying To Keep It All Together"
     "A Seasonal Confessional"     
     "Tiger Rag"
     "Music From Home, You Brought Me Home"

      "Cooking With Hi Heat"
      "When Humans Warble"
     "Incidental Music"
      "Whilst Melody Begins To Ring"
     "Time Remembered: Blue In Green"
     "At Any Given Moment"
     "Where Shadows Live"
     "The Morph"
     "It's Just Downright Spooky"
     "A Thousand Gorgeous Chords"     
     "I Heard Two Drummers Singing"
     "The Day Dietrich Died"
     "The Jesters & The Master"
     "I Kept My Hands On The Keys"   
     "When The Saints Come Marching In"
     "You Don't Have To Cry"
     "The Cool Breeze"
     "Blues, Bartok, And The Bagatelle"

     "The Great Listening" Suite
              I. I Remember Each Note Of Each Performance
             II. Voting And Doing
             III. When The Music Starts, We All Pay Up
             IV. The Dancer And Her Minion
             V. Body Listen Body
             VI. The Good News

     "Seven Minutes"
     "Pain Is An Expensive Lover"
     "And Now You Complain?"
     "Like A Leaf"
     "As I Walk Out, He Walks In"
     "The Force Of A Lie"
     "Left-Handed Lament"
     "Making A Clean Cut"
    "Your Mother's Best China"
     "Snip . . . Whoosh . . . Pull . . ."
     "BEWARE — They Were There All Along"
     "The Body Does Not Seek Revenge"     
     "A Sign From Thee"
     "The Very First Time"
     "The Wizard Behind The Cape"
    "Your Judge"
    "When Figs Finally Arrive"
    "To Shutter"
    "When Slumber Calls"
    "Standing Still"  
    "Tipping The Scales"    
    "On Call"
    "Five Suits And A Witness"    
    "Time Bandits"
    "When Money Speaks"
    "O Christmas Tree"
    "Middle Management" at the Oval Office

    "Be-ing With You"
    "My Favorite Four-Letter Word"
    "Your Mug Waits Patiently"
    "Choose Me, Faire Ladye"
    "Your Shoe"
    "The Interval"
    "The Two-Year Mark"
    "I Found You"
    "Your Beauty Beyond Reason"
    "Eternity Cannot Stop Laughing"     
    "Fair Ladye From The North"
    "Whilst Melody Begins To Ring"
    "A Card To A Friend"

   (and other disasters)
    "A Sign From Thee"
    "Prove Me Wrong"
    "A Certain Kind Of Blindness"
    "Nice Meeting You"
    "Online Dating"
    "No Chemistry"
    "Cluelessly Sadistic"
    "She Never"

     "Good Eggs"
     "Upward Aspirations"
     "Dear Ms. Curry Paste
     "My Grandmother's Ghost            
     "Home Entertainment
     "A Circus In The Woods"
     " Winter Solstice"

     "Three Deceptions" Suite
              "Still In Dreamland"
             "Fearless Four-Legged Fugitives"
             "Wailin' On The Blues"

     "My Talking Drum"
     "Didn't Used To Be A Dancer"
     "Vacant Easter Sunday"

     "Bracing For It"
     "Risky Business"


     "Dear Miss Spell Checker"
     "No Big Thing"

     "Your iSoul Phone"
     "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"
     "Sorry To Trouble You"

    "A Tale Of Two RAVs"
    "Near Limbo"
    "With Love, From Vietnam"


    "It Doesn't Matter
    "The Garden
    "Phantom Cabinet (Buddhist Pain)
    "We Sat, and Breathed
    "Buddhist Biceps"     
    "Non-Stick Pans"
    "Your Mind Begins To Race"
    "Artists Are Thieves"

    "The Truth Behind The Beauty"

    "Your Kitchen Floor"
    "The Great Unveiling"
    "I Used To Drink Champagne"
    "Your Nature"
    "The Messenger"
    "Your Mind Pauses"
    "A Rose"
    "Keeping Score
    "Make Sleep Your Lover"
    "Hide Your Poetry"
    "The Smell Of Gravity"
    "What Spirit Told The Gardener"
    "Figs Broken Open"
    "I Stayed Up Late To Talk With God"


—FireCircle (suite)
     "In Your Presence"
     "Eternity's Love Song"
     "It's Just Downright Spooky"
     "Duty And The Two Candles"    


—Old English Style
     "Choose Me, Faire Ladye"
     "A Sign From Thee"
     "Incidental Music"
      "Prove Me Wrong"
     "Forestalling Death"
     "Laughter's Recollection"
     "Whose Thoughts And Words So Conspire"
     "When Thine Eyes Are Most At Rest"
     "Fair Ladye From The North"
     "Whilst Melody Begins To Ring"
     "Let Truth Be Wattage"
     "Time Watches Over Thee"


—Song and Choral Lyrics
      "No Sweeter Arms"
     "Sweet As The Breath Of Eden"
     "Flight From The Self"