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"The Wizard Behind The Cape"


Who is the Wizard behind the cape
   tucked away in his studio? 

Can he really turn anything into art, 
   with a mere glance? 

His cape at once opaque
   and transparent,
   activated by instinct.

Is any medium too foreign, 
   any style too intimidating, 
   any point of reference unnoticed?  

While his vision is laser,  
   his balance is always set to

At once opaque
   and transparent,
   activated by instinct.   
He is, in fact —

    my Fact Checker
      my Steadfast Stenographer  
        my Confident Clarifier 
          my Meaning Massager 
             my Polemic Coach
                my Conceptual Concierge 
                  my Casual Comedian 
                     my Spiritual Sifter  
                       my Intellectual Confidant 
                          my Cultural Advisor 
                              my Constant Cheerleader
                                 my Budgetary Realist  

He is all that,
   and much more. 
He is
   My Editor.  

dedicated to Jason Martineau


August 2018




©2018, Michael Smolens