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  "A Thousand Gorgeous Chords"

Delirious timpanis
   who rust and swell, 
Grace me with a thousand 
  gorgeous chords.

Resist the folly of 
  slender black and white keys
  or long-necked fretted strings
That threaten to violate the 
  integrity of any melody. 

  accompany every emotion
  like a beautiful love, 
Recalling a once mad theme
  with sweet, sweet roses
  that crescendo into a 
  of bitter sky. 

Instead, always, 
  aim your breath towards those 
  delirious timpanis
  who rust and swell, 
  then heave and sigh, 
And grace me with these thousand
  gorgeous chords. 

Michael Smolens with Jerusha Simon
February, 2017



©2017, Michael Smolens