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"When Money Speaks"

They say,
    Talk is Cheap and Money Speaks.
But there is far more to this
    than meets the eye.

Our confident brains,
    resting on the assertions of  
    Freud and Jung,
Believe that money is the only real accurate barometer 
    of our unconscious desires. 
Those deep, dark 'sacred cows'—
    you know, the price of being alive—
Is the only trustworthy measure that will 
    make the scales balance to Newton's satisfaction.

Try putting on a different set of glasses
    and you will see much unrest
    seething within your wallet.
    …a cast of characters campaigning for
        your financial fitness.
Echoes of the familial past and
    stark future.

It is not a polite exchanging of views,
    nor a skillful melding of competing interests. 
What transpires is ongoing guerilla warfare
    between the various members of your
    Internal Household as to
Who Gets The Green.

Have you ever wondered ~
    why loans you've given bear unimaginable fruit, or
    how your ‘must have’ item is now gathering dust as a
        neglected artifact, or
    that certain opportunities emerge stillborn ?

When things go beyond the talking phase,
     you will see members of your household 

        GO  A.W.O.L . >

        TAKE UP ARMS >  or


And literally make money 
     disappear right out of your pocket, 
     because some part of you just couldn't be a party to a
     certain desire.
All products of the ongoing civil war in
    Your Pocketbook.

I have looked at various bills nestling in my wallet,
    thinking it looked mysteriously meager,
 Only to catch one president or another
    snicker at me.

Yes, snicker,
    insulted because some other internalized player
    had the nerve to doubt  
    this president's judgment.

When Money Speaks, 
    I am listening to a ‘surround sound’ clattering of
    splintered voices,
    negotiating and filibustering until
    I take charge as the
    Speaker Of My House.   

November 2010



©2010, Michael Smolens