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"Eternity's Love Song"
a Nativity Scene in the Desert

Resplendent and naked
   arms outstretched and head tilted,
   he knelt before the five female 
   Apostles of Compassion.
Each wielding a dripping rose,
   painting love secrets
   across his chest.   

Two vocalists and a reed harmonium
   drew in the music of The Spheres,
Creating a long lost nativity scene,
   while the wind howled its approval...

Who dares hold open the gate so long? 

Heaven rarely pauses
   long enough
   to watch
   Heart melting into Matter.
And flowers blushing before a Cross of Grace.
For arrivals are never late
   for a song which sings of
Love's Fate.

(dedicated to Naked Shawn)

May 2014





©2014, Michael Smolens