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"At Any Given Moment"

At any given moment, 
   we come back home.

Thousands of us,
   perhaps millions
   of us
   Come back Home. 

Returning from our performance, 
   our gig,
   our trial,
   our Dance with The Divine

The Buddhists say
   We are experiencing
   A Thousand Things At Once. 

I say
   when we were on stage, 
   make that Three Thousand.
Doing original material?
   make that Ten Thousand! 

Some part of us thinks we couldn’t possibly 
   experience all that
   or that we are being overly sensitive
But it is not so.

Each of us could write a novel, 
   movie, or 
   about the delivious totality of our show.

Each part 
   an odyssey, 
   a confession, 
   a journey through time.

   it sucked,
   it was sublime,
   it was boring,
   it was fun,
   it was amazing

   it aggravated my left knee, 
   it burned out my cold
   it was like Christmas, having my own roadie
   it was impossible to do in a tour this long! 
   it was great, except for . . . 
   it would have been better if they would have been there . . . 
   it was the last time I will ever . . . 
   it might have worked if I had . . . 
   it would never work unless . . .  
   it proves that I can memorize lines . . . 
   it means that I have no memory at all!

And the three hours before? 
   It's like a whole separate performance.
If people only knew 
   the insanity involved in
   putting A Thousand Things together,
   making it all work . . . 

At any given moment
   Every One
   Comes back Home.

September 2018




©2018, Michael Smolens