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"Hide Your Poetry"

Withdraw your verses.
Conceal your iambic pentameters.
Dismantle your haikus.  

Your heart may be breaking.
Your mind grasping like a drunken monkey.
Your body convulsing in unpredictable aftershocks.

Nature does not care.

How do you think the geysers were drawn, 
    rivers created,
    lakes formed,
    oceans imagined? 

Nature has heard it all before.
No doubt by those more talented,
    and certainly more earnest.

    masked as flattery,
    will miss the mark 
    as surely as an arrow trying to 
    kill a centaur. 

Hide your poetry, yes, really,
    for Nature only wishes 
    for that which you observe.
Live in the Observer.   

November 2009





©2010, Michael Smolens