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They Were There All Along"


Beware of how certain foods of a 
   Mixed and Uncertain Directionality 
   can turn your sense of self inside out,
And cause all your possessions
   to elude you  . . . 

Eat scramble eggs
   two days in a row
   and watch your keys
   hide in your pocket, 
morphing the space between 
   your legs and pants 
   into a No-Man's Land
   of embarrassment and panic.
They were there all along . . . 

Dine on Greek salad
   with the same person three times
   and behold how your travel destination — 
   well-worn in your car's memory — 
   will simply vanish,
   as it has now been flanked by 
   several police vehicles
   in search of 
   Something Useful to Do. 
It was there all along . . . 

Feast on gazpacho 
   in a foreign country
   and risk losing your personal sense of navigation — 
   the glasses that you are desperately seeking
   are resting comfortably on your nose, 
   and know how to distinguish 
   mere ungroundedness from
   True Panic.  
They have been there all along . . . 

Devour tabouli  
   in the company of distant relatives
   and watch your memory begin to dissolve, 
   as you swear that you have no fruit 
   in your refrigerator, 
   only to find a bag of fruit that you
   rarely buy and have no 
   energetic relationship with,    
   laughing at you this very moment. 

You were born with All-Seeing Knowingness . . .  

But BEWARE of 
    Certain Foods 
    Uncertain Directionality.



July 2019




©2019, Michael Smolens