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"O Christmas Tree"

It's not the stuff of fairy tales
   or other children's stories.
Nor of chic window displays that
   blur the line between 
   Hearth and Seduction.

It is a small wonder that only 
   a true artist can make.
She has practiced this art annually 
   to the delight of those who still believe in 
   a charming story.

Here, the innocent frolic
   beside the sinister.
The generously padded 
      flirt with the hardened brass.
And the recently made
          impersonate the wise antiques.

Surely, each ornament felt isolated 
   and insecure at first,
   dangling peerlessly in some unfamiliar region.
Yet, with each new player
   a design as clear as nature's grace emerges.
One of inescapable beauty, balance, and buoyancy,
   a product of this artist's twisted legacy.
Now transformed,
   at home.

December 2009




©2010, Michael Smolens