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"Your Mind Begins To Race"

That person, 
   the person you just met,
   the one who set your heart (and loins) on fire . . . 
The one with whom you just imagined a whole life with 
   in six seconds
Complete with everything you ever wanted — their 
   healing touch, 
   compassionate listening, 
   inspiring career, 
   great cooking,
   totally compatible music tastes,
   and incomparable sex . . .  

Shaking your head, 
   you're relieved that this hot flash has finally passed,
   like a swarm of angry bees. 

And because you're a devout Buddhist,
   you can see this happening in Real Time,
   comforting yourself with the belief that 
   somehow this is the only arena 
   where projection strikes you so suddenly, 
   so completely . . . 

But NOOO, 
   your naivety is 
   bleeding . . .  

As you notice how easily you slip into 
   Alice In Wonderland
When someone mentions an opportunity that 
   Lights Your Fire . . .  

Your friend wants to write some fan fiction with you,
             your mind begins to race.
Your co-worker wants you to perform at their benefit, 
                 your mind begins to race.   
Your neighbor wants you to help find their beloved pet,   
                     your mind begins to race.
Your boss wants you to join his leadership team,              
                        your mind begins to race. 
Of course, 
   you don't need a prompt from others — 
You're a self-generating 
  Obsession Machine . . .    

You have a notion to redecorate your bedroom,    
             your mind begins to race. 
You wonder what it be like to own a self-driving car, 
                 your mind begins to race. 
You give in and call about a completely unnecessary 
   cosmetic surgery procedure, 
                     your mind begins to race.
You have the perfect strategy to help your cousin out of her 
   terrible relationship,
                        your mind begins to race.
Is all of this happening in 
Is the Buddha 
   sitting on your shoulder? 
Are you the Future, 
   happening Right Now? 

Will  your  mind 
      The  Race? 


July 2019




©2019, Michael Smolens