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"Invasion of the Body Snatchers"

It started years ago, 

At first, it was an anomaly,
   as only a few had been taken,
But it was easy to see
   who had crossed over,
   who had given up their will, 
   who had embraced everlasting

The promise of unending variety was just
   too much, 
   too seductive,
   too good to be 


They weren't aliens, 
   or so it seemed.
It was their friends who showed them
   The Device 
   that fit in their hand
   that would change their world


Just a short demo from a co-worker, 
   bandmate, or neighbor
would delight and tease, 
   (and nothing more),
the curious uninitiated

Where the transformation would begin, 
   lasting for three evenings of deep, 
Dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, adrenaline, 
   all get stolen.
Once they have crossed over
   it is obvious — 
   they are transformed and


You see them everywhere, 
   walking in dazed devotion
   with their device, 
Even in the most idyllic setting
   they are oblivious
   to anything but their


They telepathically call out to other devotees:
   I am one of you,
   I am desperately seeking contact with others, 
   but not right


The Device is their constant companion — 
   arbiter of truth, 
   bastion of entertainment,
   and constant source of reassurance. 

They drive with
          cook with
          eat with
          sleep with
          cry with
          laugh with


When they occasionally look up, 
   they see other devotees on billboards,
   with their devices in hand,
Looking sexy, 
   happy, and 
Clearly generational, 
   the younger the devotee,
   the more symbiotic the relationship.

Meanwhile, non-believers who use 
   Neanderthal devices are 
   immediately spotted and shunned, 
Their Morse Code texting 
   signaling that they are 
and in need of 


Some even have a virtual Friend
   who talks with them 
   and gets to know them
very, very well —  
   inspires —
   someone to

Fall In Love With. 

Yet, there are those few Masters
   who somehow handle the intricacies of 
   creativity, and 
Without attachment and desperate 


The Smart Phone —
   don't leave your body
   without it
. . . 


September 2018





©2018, Michael Smolens