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"Fearless Four-Legged Fugitives"

Cunning, devious opportunists,
   art thieves, trash bandits,
   fearless four-legged fugitives.

Yes, once I played tug-o-war over a huge bag
   of cat food with a neighborhood raccoon,
He was not in the least deterred by a human
   four times his weight.

Later, I volleyed a different raccoon with a water jug
   while he was pillaging my cat's food.
He simply bounced like a football,
   and probably saw me more like a playmate
   than an actual threat.

Eventually, I amassed a pile of rocks as ammunition,
   ready to meet their brazen ambition with force.
So when I heard the slightest commotion on my porch,  
   I flung open the door,
   weapon in hand,  
   ready to avenge my cat's honor.       
Only to see the flapping of the card, attached
   to my outdoor fire extinguisher,

Laughing at me . . .


August 2016



©2016, Michael Smolens