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Home is not where the Heart
For that
   could be anywhere.

Rather . . .

Home is the mixing of —

   your Body's
      clinging for warmth,
   your feral Dreams
      colliding with the mundane,
   your Kitchen's
      yearning to serve,
   your Foundation's
      desperate need to
      keep the faith,
   your Neighbor
      lending a helping hand
      when you didn't deserve it,
   your Clock's ticking,
      reminding you to breathe . . .

Home relishes the dance of —

   your furniture and clothing
      arguing over which are the true
      Fashion Statement,
   your bedroom and pantry
      competing for which will get painted first,
   your car
      needing "more space" in the garage . . .

Home is where Creativity

      at your favorite chair,
      with your inexplicable cat,
      that absurd politics
      can inspire your art,
      with you to strike the key
      and pluck the string
      of your Beloved . . .

   is, after all,

You become



July 2019




©2019, Michael Smolens