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"No Big Thing"


You didn't give it much thought, 
   it just landed in your lap, 
   no big thing.  
It was nice
   no big thing. 
You've become rather . . . 
   attached to it, 
   no big thing. 

Now it's A Big Thing, 
   'cause IT'S GONE ! 

You can't sleep right without it, 
   'cause it's gone. 
You can't see right without it, 
   'cause it's gone. 
You can't walk right without it, 
play right without it, 
   draw right without it, 
   'cause it's gone, gone, GONE !

It's Crazy because 
   you think,
   it's sooo simple.

You search everywhere to replace it.
   It's sooo simple, sooo elegant. 

Like God had merely sneezed
   and the perfect (fill-in-the-blank)
   just showed up. 
Now the whole world looks crazy
   because your simple, beloved
   (fill-in-the-blank) is 
“Out Of Stock”
“No Longer Available“
“Has Been Acquired By . . .”

And your world doesn't have balance,
   or purpose,
   until . . . 

At last!
You find a replacement
   for your prized,
   precious item. 
But now it's quite different — 

      Better designed,
      Smarter looking,

It's so, sooo 
Like someone has robbed you of your right to
   feel sorry for yourself, 
   and rail against our monopolized economy. 

And 5 minutes later, 
   it's all over. 
No big thing . . . 




June 2019




©2019, Michael Smolens