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"Cluelessly Sadistic"

She was clueless
   that these words would ignite each other.
Only much later did she begin to see
   the forest give way to the Light, 
   ever so, 
These two words, cluelessly and sadistic,
   hated being paired together, 
   for they each inhabited a very different motivation,
   a different lineage of action.  

Yet, they eerily realized 
   both have three syllables,          
   both came from adjacent, warring empires, and 
   both contain the hissing of a snake . . . 

But each word insisted that they had the ultimate authority
   over her volition, 
   on what direction she would move from. 
How each knife would be 
   and retrieved. 

   their bickering exhausted each other 
   and reluctantly they began to work together — 
to simultaneously thwart her free will.

Once this pair of three-syllable words 
   passed through my head, heart, and throat,
My Light came through, 
   and put my nightmare
   into some fathomable context.

Enough to see that I was probably 
   as clueless . . . 

August 2018




©2018, Michael Smolens