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"I Used To Drink Champagne"

Not really, 
   but I always loved those 
   freshly popped bubbles.
They felt like ancient lights, 
   lights with secrets that I 
   never would tire of. 

And so, 
   I needed to make new lights, 
   so I thought, 
   all the time.  

The lights were Humor, 
   flying through my mind, 
   faster than electricity could wink. 
And I needed those smiles, that laughter,
   to ensure that my current 
   would complete
   that circuit. 

So I thought . . . 

Then a voice spoke to me,
   imploring me to:
   Smell fresh jasmine in water. 
   Feel what 
   Presence really is like

The voice continued:

No amount of trauma
   will ever silence Presence, 
   and humor can spoil a moment
   as easily as the sun spoils a flower.

Just know that jasmine will always turn 
   into Love. 


August 2018




©2018, Michael Smolens