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"In Your Presence"

In Your Presence
The Moon was sighing and provoking,
Curious to see if its light knew any direction
    that it could call its own.

In Your Presence
The Sun was setting and rising,
Anxious to know which rays
    would be needed for
    tomorrow's sunrise.

In Your Presence
The Sea was drawing moisture from itself,
    only to give it back to a thirsty shore.
Amused at the possibility of confusing
    the birds and turtles.

In Your Presence
We were struggling to comprehend
    something new.
Bewildered not at attaining ecstasy,
    but rather seeing how big that state
    could possibly
Unable to put words, colors,
    or numbers
    to something that felt
We smiled innocently at our limitation,
    yet grateful to know
    that the doors
    that we thought were so open
    had been thoroughly
    Flung Open,
In Your Presence.


November 2009




©2010, Michael Smolens