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I lead six completely different ensembles and have been taking them into both public and private schools for nearly two decades.  For me, it's a very natural confluence of my interests as a teacher, composer, bandleader, and performer.  It's also an expression of my commitment to helping to build the next generation of music appreciators as well as future performers and composers.  Besides, I also have a lot of fun sharing my art and fielding all of those wonderfully unpredictable questions from the students !

Mirabai Logo

Mirabai Ensemble

9 vocalists (+ optional instruments)

Kriya Logo


jazz for the new millenium

earPlay Logo

earPlay Jazzquintet

electro-acoustic world jazz

The New American Songbook Project logo

New American
Songbook Project

reinventing Sinatra
to Joni Mitchell

Bal Du Kor Logo

Bal du Kor

dynamic & captivating
West-African trio


Brisas do Brasil

eclectic Brazillian trio

Culture Loops

An educational tour of the
Middle-East, Latin America and West-Africa