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Paula Bradman

"Thank you for your hard work last night.
I think you are a great producer/director
and I appreciated your thoughtful ideas
as well as your encouragement.

I can't wait to use this demo
as my new calling card!"
—Paula Bradman (pro vocalist)

Pre-production included concept development,
vocal coaching, and musician contracting.
Arrangements included recasting of rhythmic styles, reharmonizations, and orchestrations for jazz quartet.

Production included presiding over the recording sessions, improvisation coaching, and supervising editing,
mixing, and mastering.

Co-created graphic design
(photos supplied by Ms. Bradman).

1) "Satisfaction" 2:32 (jazz waltz/double-time swing/funk)
(K. Richards/M. Jagger)
2) "It Might As Well Be Spring" 1:43 (up-tempo swing)
(R. Rodgers/Hammerstein)
3) "Witchcraft" 2:37 (funk ballad)
(C. Leigh/C. Coleman)
4) "Moon River" 1:45 (bossa-nova)
(H. Mancini, arr. by J. Eskridge and M. Smolens)
5) "Blue Skies" 1:27 (funk ballad)
(K. Goss/B. Murphy/S. Vaughn)
6) "Angel Eyes" 3:14 ('Coltrane swing')
(M. Dennis, E. Brent)
7) "Authenticity" 2:50 (ballad)
(W. Hunter)


Donald Gillis

Songs of Faith

"Thank you for the great job you did on the CD.
Your arrangements were excellent, as was your
choice of musicians and singers.
(Your solo piano version of "You Are Not Alone"
is a masterpiece of improvisation).
You made the journey from conception
to completion very enjoyable
and you exceeded my expectations."

—Donald W. Gillis
(read full endorsement)

Pre-production included concept development
and musician contracting. Arrangements included
editing of melodies, reharmonizations,
orchestrations for voice, oboe, flute, cello,
classical guitar, and piano;
and score preparation.

Production included presiding over the recording sessions, improvisation coaching, and supervising editing and mixing. 

1) "You Are Not Alone" (vocal version) 3:01
2) "Like A Leaf in the Wind" 4:03
3) "There is a Time" 3:34
4) "You Are Not Alone" (solo piano) 3:19
(piano parts performed by the arranger)

©2007 Donald W. Gillis


Alan Tower

10,000 Thunderstorms
Music by Alan Tower

"Michael is a supremely talented arranger
and composer. As a result, I engaged him
to co-produce one of my records,
'10,000 Thunderstorms', and to co-write
a couple of pieces for the record.
He is a perfectionist and so I knew
he would immerse himself in the music
until it was perfect! I found working with him
in this context very easy and fulfilling."

—Alan Tower
(composer/recording artist/multi-instrumentalist/
unusual instrument pioneer/founder of "Octave Alliance")

1) "Capacity For Intensity" 2:52 (string quartet)
2) "Intrauterine Cannibals" 2:21 (solo piano)
(performed by the arranger)



Eve Clausnitzer

Voiceover Audio by Eve Clausnitzer

1) Biomedical Training and Marketing :30
2) Southern Restaurant Ad :27
3) Public Service Announcement :35

4) Disclaimer :13
5) Swingin' Car Ad :28

"Michael has produced and directed
all of my industrial voiceovers—
from preproduction and script development
to directing the recordings at professional studios.
His techniques for developing effective subtexts
and energetic roles were just invaluable.
Thanks for your expertise, exacting professionalism,
humor, and encouragement for me to
stretch myself further than I thought possible!"

—Eve Clausnitzer
(professional voiceover artist/script editor)