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Three Bands In One ! 

"When I contacted Michael, I explained that this wouldn't be your typical wedding party, as both my daughter and son-in law come from very different cultural backgrounds. The venue was the well-known Wine Cave at the Deerfield Ranch and we needed music that really covered the globe, so-to-speak. When we spoke by phone he suggested that he bring out his group that can play cocktail jazz, Brazilian music, in addition to West-African music. I thought he was talking about a 10-piece group, but he assured me that he could do it with just three players using authentic instruments from each culture. Even though his music samples on-line were very good, I frankly couldn't believe that just three people could carry that off convincingly. 

Well, when the music started I was pleased to no end. My family and our guests were literally transported to a club in New York for the jazz, a cafe in Rio for the Brazilian music, and a village party in Mali for the West-African. So beautiful, each in their own special way. Even my musician friends were either smiling, or shaking their heads in amazement..."

—Michelle S., San Rafael