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Love Is Patient

Weddings are such a great opportunity to realize a very long held dream.  Such was the case when I received a call from a groom who was very excited when he found out that I not only played for weddings, but also composed music for special occasions.  "You know, I've been thinking about setting the 'Love Is Patient' poem by Saint Paul for so very long.  And with my wedding coming up, I think it's time to make this a reality.  I've got the text all organized and I just need someone to help me organize and develop my ideas.  I'm going to give it to my wife as a gift and I know she'll very surprised !"

Three sessions later, the piece was complete and rehearsed with a family friend singing.  It was also an opportunity for the groom to rekindle his love for music that he studied so passionately while in college.

Needless to say that the bride was quite moved by the song, as were all of their guests at their wedding.  As I left, the groom pulled me aside and said, "Remarkable.  Just a magnificent job you did on my song that I had been hearing in my mind for decades, only better..."