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Jazz Compositions (vocal and instrumental)

(arrangements were interpreted by the performers)


Bill Hunter

arrangements include melody and text edits and all instrumental parts
from Bill Hunter Project's "Prosthetic Muse" CD, 2002,
Round Park Records, RPR 1058

1) "Prosthetic Muse" 1:22 (blues/tango)
2) "Authenticity" 2:25 (jazz ballad)


Biaja Solomon

arrangements include all instrument parts
from Biaja Solomon's "Woman In The Moon" CD, 1991,
Steep Ravine Records, CD-262

1) "I Get Scared" 2:31 (jazz ballad)
2) "Theo's Song" 2:01 (even-eighths jazz waltz)

Kriya Septet

from"Live at Yoshi's" CD, 2003,
Second Sight Music, SSM006,
reconstruction of the timeless Beatle's classic

(performed by the Kriya Septet)

"For No One" 3:00 (funk/tango/Afro-Cuban)
(by Lennon/McCartney, Apple Records)

Michael Smolens / Sheldon Brown Duo

arrangement includes intro, reharmonization, and piano improvisation form
from Michael Smolens / Sheldon Brown's "Limbo Eruption" CD, 2003
Second Sight Music Records, SSM003

"Sno Peas" 4:01 (jazz waltz)
(by Phil Markowitz, Solar Hawk Music)