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Audio Samples

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~ Warm-ups ~

1. complete scale

Scalar Groups
2. 3-note
3. 4-note
4. 5-note

Alternating Intervals
5. 3rds
6. 4ths
7. 5ths
8. 6ths
9. 7ths

Consecutive Intervals
10. 3rds
11. 4ths
12. 5ths
13. 6ths
14. 7ths

15. triads
16. triads switchback
17. sevenths
18. sevenths switchback
    ~ Styles ~

19. Alap (no pulse)
20. Ambient (even)

21. 3/4
22. 9/8

23. 3+3+2
24. syncopated

25. 4/4 (even)
26. 6/8 (swing)

27. even
28. swing

29. even
30. swing

31. ballad
32. medium
33. jazz waltz
34. stride
35. medium-up

36. Bossa Nova
37. Samba

38. Cha-Cha
39. Son Montuno
40. Merengue

41. West African
42. South African

The Problem:
The vast majority of play-along CDs are geared towards playing a particular piece, in a particular style, almost always at a tempo that is too fast, and with far too many chord changes. All lot of students feel frustrated and left out by these recordings (and not just beginners!).

The Solution:
I‘ve taken my 35 years of teaching & accompanying experience to develop a comprehensive play-along CD that helps students to build their skills and cultivate their love for improvising. You'll find the right combination of simplicity and contrast in each piece, just like a private session with me...

24 Different Styles & Grooves
that will open-up
countless doors for you:

* The most comprehensive play-along CD
in the C major scale on the market

* Impeccably recorded on a
Yamaha C7 grand piano (not an electronic imitation)
with acoustic percussion (on selected tracks)

* Every track is introduced with tempo set-up
for easy use in any practicing situation

Vocalists > get comfortable with lots of different styles to fit your mood and whatever project you're taking on

Melodic Instrumentalists > apply different patterns, appreggiations, and chromatic approaches to these grooves

Pianists & Guitarists > expand your accompaniment abilities for creating great intros, endings, & segueways

Teachers > put your attention on your students rather than playing and coaching at the same time (I personally use this CD in my own teaching of improvisation, accompaniment, and analysis)